Live Stream Sundays

March 19, 2020

We have decided to honor the President's direction and not host any meetings of 10 or more people. so at least for the next couple of Sundays, We'll do a live stream at 11 on Sunday mornings on the Oneness In Action page on Facebook. The live stream will have our worship team & Paul's teaching/discussion. We'll have words to the songs on the screen & those in the worship team will be able to participate in the discussion in person.

We're asking that everyone else watch with us live at home...or watch the replay at your convenience.

I'm so sad to have to do that because I love being with you all -- and there's something special that happens when we're together as a group. But I do realize it's the best for now.

Since all Lawrence restaurants & bars are closed to dining in, we will not be able to meet Sunday evenings until that ban is lifted.

Thanks SOOO much to those of you who gave electronically last Sunday even though you weren't  able to attend our Grace Gathering! Even though we no longer have a church building, we still have monthly expenses for insurance, bookkeeping, copier & computers, admin, supplies, licenses (copyright, live streaming, Podcast/video/website, social media special platforms), and Pastor Paul's compensation. Any giving is to be Spirit-led and with no other pressure. We're very grateful for the continual support the Lord provides through you all and so thankful for electronic giving especially in times where we can't all meet in person.

You can text 310-651-7131 to give or donate via paypal.

Join the livestream

Grace to ALL Podcast

March 24, 2019

Our New Podcast: "Grace To ALL (with Paul Gray) is now up and running! Each Tuesday Paul has a new solo podcast and each Thursday he interviews inspiring people from around the world. Next week's interview is with Derrick Day! You can subscribe (for free) to the Podcast at iTunes and all other similar source or at Also, please consider joining the private Facebook group "Grace to All (with Paul Gray)" where you can hear and read great Grace/Unconditional Love/Inclusion messages from a variety of wonderful teachers...and where you can participate in live-stream discussions!

Andre & Mary-Anne Rabe guest speakers Sunday!!!

February 20, 2019


At New Life In Christ in the Theater

Pioneer Ridge Independent Living

1000 Wakarusa Drive, Lawrence, Ks

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17 -- 10:30 A.M.!!!

Andre and Mary-Anne Rabe from South Africa will bespeaking and providing music for us. Andre was one of my professors at Global Grace Seminary, I've studied his books & videos, and he's truly a GIANT in our circles. Mary-Anne is a wonderful song-writer, guitarist & singer.

Please make every effort to come that morning & bring friends -- you won't regret it!

You can read about Andre and Mary-Anne and see their videos and music at and in the notes following --

From Andre and Mary-Anne: “We have ministered in slums and mansions,among the poorest and most privileged. But no matter what your circumstances are, if you are not aware that you are loved, life becomes torment. Similarly, the moment you discover how loved you are, heaven begins. We have therefore never limited our message to a specific group. Whoever you are, wherever you find yourself – you are loved!

“Love is most difficult to define, yet we all recognize it. It is a beauty that never submits itself to any form of control, yet freely gives itself to all who are ready to simply be overwhelmed. “Our books,music, videos and ministry events are part of our strategy to creatively and clearly communicate this love. This love is not some abstract, theoretical utopian dream – it has very relevant implications for this life: reducing violence, restorative justice,forgiveness and respect for all creation.

Our Belief: So glad that faith is more than dogmatic statements. It is an encounter with beauty that leaves us in breathless astonishment. It is this wordless awe that most accurately describe the truth we have come to know in Jesus Christ.

We believe that no matter what you believe, you are intrinsically valuable and loved. Nowhere has this love been demonstrated more clearly than in the person of Jesus Christ.

We may have many philosophies about the meaning of life and the nature of God, however, our beliefs will always be subjective and limited to our own understanding. In Jesus, God takes the initiative to break through the limitations of our understanding and reveal Himself. Jesus reveals that what God believes about us is much better than anything we have ever believed about Him! He believes you are valuable! He demonstrates that you are loved.

Our History: Summary -- Andre and Mary-Anne Rabe have been passionate communicators of the good news of Jesus Christ since 1990.Their message has taken them to some of the most obscure corners of the earth as well as to some of the most well-known cities. Whether it’s a small group or a large church, whether it’s an academic audience or a charismatic party – to inspire love remains equally relevant.

They have published five books and two music albums that reflect the unique focus of this message. The course ‘Word Made Flesh’has been translated into a number of languages and used in many churches and small groups. It is available as an online course. Andre has written a number of books that can be found on amazon is a musician and songwriter and has released two albums with original songs. Her songs communicate the closeness of God.

Our Story:  We met as teenagers and fell hopelessly in love while doing missionary work in Southern Africa. A few months later we got married and immediately continued ministry in neighboring countries, including Zimbabwe, Namibia and Swaziland. A year later our daughter, Shirley-Ann was born. Twenty two months later, our son,Eugene, was born.

What an opportunity children are, to explore and discover the depth of God’s love for us. We decided to scale down on the traveling and focus more on nurturing the family. During this time I(Andre) studied further in the computer science and programming fields. We both also continued theological studies.

Encountering God always remains a surprisingly overwhelming experience, no matter how often we have experienced it. Our desire to share this love both in its mystical experience and in the depth of its theological understanding, continued to grow. In 2010, with the kids all grown up and almost independent, we decided to do something rather radical. We got rid of all our possessions until it could fit into two suitcases, and began one of the most amazing adventures. We had no idea where we would go or how we would afford it. We only had a message that made life worth living for us and everyone who understood it. In the years that followed, there have been so many moments in which we suddenly became aware that the communication of this message went beyond words, it transcended intellect and emotion… God Himself, reveals Himself.                                                                        

The people we have encountered and the stories that can be told of how this gospel has transformed lives are simply beyond description. We are so thankful to be included in this adventure called life!

Thank you Abba!


Andre Rabe gave us a real treat last Sunday morning -- and I loved the way you all responded to him & his family. He was very touched!

Through your offering that morning combined with funds from the church account, we were able to give them a $500 love offering, which they very much appreciated.

If you'd like to watch and here last week's message (again), here's the link:

What to do with Harmful Thoughts

February 20, 2019

Have you given much thought to "your" thoughts?!? Do you know when they are harmful? Have you considered that they might not even be "your" thoughts?!? Do you know there's help available?!?

Join me Sunday morning and we'll have a lively discussion about this thought-ful topic! ~Pastor Paul

Winter Starlight - Lawrence Civic Choir

February 10, 2019

Come celebrate the winter holiday season the Lawrence Civic Choir. Festive favorites, tender tunes, and contemporary classics combine in a concert that has something for everyone. Led by Director Steven Eubank and accompanied by Dr. Geoffrey Wilcken, this is one musical event you won't want to miss.

General admission is $20. See a choir member for tickets, or purchase at the door!

Saturday, December 8th from 7:30-9:00pm at the Lawrence Free Methodist Church.

Pieces include:

  • John Rutter's "Candlelight Carol"
  • Eric Whitacre's "Lux Aurumque"
  • Eriks Esenvald's "Stars"
  • Shawn Kirchner's "Brightest and Best"
  • Richard Zgodava's "Out of the Orient Crystal Skies"

Keep America Warm

August 17, 2018

During January, every 10 Facebook check-ins helps provide a winter coat to someone in need. We're working with Reach by Causely and Soles4Souls to make it happen. Remember to add #KeepAmericaWarm when you check in.


Convertible Conversations

January 8, 2018

A new book by Paul Gray. Available now!

Suspense. Intrigue. Hope. Motivation. Inspiration. Romance. Encouragement. 1000 year Hurricane Harvey took the lives of 11 year old Jack Miller’s parents moving him from Texas to live with his aging grandparents who introduced him to love without conditions.  In addition to heart-wrenching grief of suddenly losing both parents, Jack witnesses the horrific murder of a classmate’s mother’s boyfriend and subsequent chaos. He also experiences fear of losing his grandfather/mentor from a heart attack.   There is reason to hope and God’s love is unconditional…meaning there are NO conditions!

Buy The Book

Godly Men Make Godly Fathers

January 8, 2018

I'm very excited about the release of a great book (in which I author a chapter!) about fatherhood! Please consider getting a copy! You can order from Amazon at the link below -- or, for the same price (no extra shipping), I'll sign a copy and send it to you. Send me a personal message and I'll give you details!

Be blessed,

~Paul Gray

View on Amazon

Jayhawk Gold Raffle

September 7, 2017

We are partnering with Landen Lucas to help children with medical, spiritual, and athletic needs. Hear Landen Lucas introduce the raffle on youtube: 


$10 for 1 ticket! Discounts for bulk tickets.

What's included in the prize?

  • Custom Gold Jayhawk Necklace Valued at $3,784
  • Landen Lucas's #33 KU Game Jersey
  • A Pair of Landen Lucas Game Shoes from Gold Metal World Games
  • Autographed Picture of Landen Lucas
  • Complimentary Dinner for 2 with Landen and a Celebrity Guest at the Oread
  • Complimentary One Night Stay at the Oread
  • 2 Tickets to a KU Basketball Game Next Season.
Raffle Tickets and Details

"Pop-Up Church!"

May 13, 2017

Starting the first Sunday in April, we’ll be going to different locations each Sunday as we take the Really Good News to people in our community right where they live! We’re becoming a “Pop-Up Church!” 

Sunday April 2, 10:30 a.m. MEADOWLARK ESTATES 4430 Bauer Farm Drive (just off 6th and Folks Road) We’re very excited about meeting new friends and telling them that God loves them unconditionally and because of Jesus’s Finished Work at the cross:

  • Their sins are already all forgiven
  • They have been completely accepted and included in God’s family
  • God’s Grace covers everything  
  • Christ is already in them and is totally for them

Our plan is to have a couple of places where we go the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, and then go to different places the other Sundays. We’ll also have a “home base” where we’ll meet occasionally. 

We will “live-stream” these events on Facebook and encourage people to participate via real-time comments. Our intent is to be as simple as possible with tech, music and set-up and for everyone to have a fun time. Initially we’ll store and take what equipment we use in our trailer. 

Please pray for a RV for Children’s Ministry to use in our new paradigm. And please pray and look for places where we can Pop Up as a church!   We’ll be discussing this much more in the days to come. Please give us your input!

Books For Kids

January 8, 2017

Do you remember learning Bible stories as a kid? Unless you were a child prodigy, you probably learned by reading picture books. Sadly, there are thousands of children that don’t have access to Gospel picture books. That’s why this December, we’re providing faith-based books for children in developing nations.  3 check-ins provides a book to a child.

We are partnering with Causely and OneHope to make this happen. OneHope presents the Living Word of God in an engaging ways to children and youth. They plan to reach every young person, in every nation, with a relevant Gospel message by the year 2030. Take a quick look at OneHope’s Facebook page and website to see how they are transforming children’s lives.    

The hashtag this month is #books4kids. Be sure to use it when you check-in! It’s a great way to remind your friends why you’re checking in. Thanks for always supporting our monthly cause! Together, we can spread the Gospel to hundreds of children in need.


Providing Meals for Children in Haiti

December 11, 2016

This November, we are partnering with feedONE to provide meals for children in Haiti. After Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti at the beginning of October, feed One responded quickly with disaster relief and support. Let’s encourage everyone to check-in and feed children in need.  #meals4kids  Every 2 check-ins in the month of November provides a meal for a child in Haiti.

The goal of the feedONE is to see lives changed as they promote healthy children and communities that are free from poverty and hunger. Many of the children enrolled in this initiative have their only meal of the day at school — a meal provided by feedONE. They have about 146,000 children enrolled in the Children’s Feeding Initiative. Take a quick look at feedONE’s Facebook page and website to see how they are transforming children’s lives. 

When you check in on Facebook, make sure to add #meals4kids to your posts. 


#compassion4kids this October

November 9, 2016

For the month of October, we are partnering with Compassion International to provide loving care for children living in poverty. Every 6 check-ins provides 1 day of care for a child in need.  Compassion International is a child-advocacy ministry that pairs compassionate people with those who are suffering from poverty. The ministry releases children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. The goal is for each child to become a responsible and fulfilled adult. 

When you check in on Facebook, make sure to add #compassion4kids to your posts. 

Compassion International

September Check-in Partner

September 28, 2016

This September, we are partnering with Haiti Partners’ to provide meals for students. Every 2 check-ins at New Life In Christ helps provide a meal for a student in Haiti.

Haiti Partners’ mission is to help Haitians change Haiti through education. They currently run one flagship school, partner with six more, and believe growing children need quality meals to help them learn and develop.

When you check in on Facebook, make sure to add #meals4students to your posts. It’s a great way to remind your friends and family why you’re checking in! 

Remember, your Facebook check-ins not only help change the lives of hundreds of students, they also gently invite your friends to participate in our church community.~Pastor Paul

P.S. If this is the first time you’ve heard of our Facebook check-in program, here's how it works... we make a donation to a Kingdom-building cause every time our community checks in on Facebook. It’s a great way to tell your friends about New Life in Christ and do some good in the process. If you need some help checking in on Facebook, just ask any of our staff members and we'll show you how.

Haiti Partners


September 2, 2016

Now through August 31st, we're partnering with The American Red Cross to provide disaster relief for the 20,000 families displaced by the Louisiana flooding.  This means that for one week, your check-ins will help support people affected by the flooding.   #love4louisiana


Save the Children in August

August 25, 2016

This August, we are partnering with Save The Children to provide early childhood education and tools for kids in need in the United States.  Every 2 check-ins at New Life in Christ provides 1 day of lessons and tools for kids.  

Save the Children’s Early Steps to School Success is a federal early childhood development program that promotes school readiness and social/emotional development for children from low-income families.   

When you check in on Facebook, make sure to add #earlylearning to your posts. It’s a great way to remind your friends and family why you’re checking in!  Remember, your Facebook check-ins not only help change the  lives of low-income children, they also gently invite your friends to participate in our church community.  

If this is the first time you’ve heard of our Facebook check-in program, here's how it works... we make a donation to a Kingdom-building cause every time our community checks in on Facebook. It’s a great way to tell your friends about New Life In Christ and do some good in the process. If you need some help checking in on Facebook, ask Pastor Paul, Cait, or just ask around!

New Charity Partner for July

August 3, 2016

For the hot month of July, we will help raise people out of poverty by providing safe drinking water to Haitian families.  Every Facebook check-in at New Life In Christ will provide 1 week of safe drinking water for a family in need.  Northwest Haiti Christian Mission (NWHCM) partners with local churches to bring the people of Northwest Haiti out of spiritual, physical and social poverty. They serve thousands of people through a diverse collection of programs that include schools, meal projects, orphanages, medical clinics, church planting, and agricultural development. 

When you check in on Facebook, make sure to add #givewater to your posts. It’s a great way to remind your friends and family why you’re checking in! Thanks for being involved with our missions and outreach efforts. 

Remember, your Facebook check-ins not only help raise people out of poverty, they also gently invite your friends to participate in our church community. 

To learn more about Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, check out their site below.

Northwest Haiti Christian Mission

NLIC Partners with Reach

June 30, 2016

During the month of April, our Facebook check-ins will provide nutritious food for children and families in need! Thanks to our new partnership with Reach, we’ll be supporting feedONE, a faith-based non-profit. Every 2 Facebook check-ins at NLIC will provide 1 meal to a child in need.

Here are few stats you can share with your friends about hunger: 

  • ‍Over 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy, active life. That's 1 out of every 9 people on Earth. 
  • The vast majority of the world's hungry people live in developing countries, where 12.9% of the population is undernourished.
  • 1 out of 6 children, roughly 100 million, in developing countries is underweight.
  • 66 million primary school-age children across the developing world go to school hungry  
  • feedONE has 146,676 children enrolled in their Children’s Feeding Initiative and provides meals to children in El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Ethiopia, South Africa, Guatemala, and Tanzania. 

When you check in on Facebook, make sure to add #meals4kids to your posts. It’s a great way to remind your friends of why you’re checking in! By encouraging each other at NLIC to check in, we can change the lives of children by fighting hunger!

About feedOne

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