Recommended Books

The following books are highly recommended. You can find them online or at our church library.

Beyond an Angry God: You Can't Imagine How Much He Loves You

Steve McVey

How would your life change if you really believed and could even feel that God is absolutely crazy about you?

Steve McVey’s penetrating new look at the transforming power of God’s grace leads you to that change. Steve unpacks the biblical revelation of the Trinity as a loving relationship, and he highlights the goal of history: God intends to include us in that circle of love! 

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Convertible Conversations

Paul Gray

Suspense. Intrigue. Hope. Motivation. Inspiration. Romance. Encouragement. 1000 year Hurricane Harvey took the lives of 11 year old Jack Miller’s parents moving him from Texas to live with his aging grandparents who introduced him to love without conditions.  In addition to heart-wrenching grief of suddenly losing both parents, Jack witnesses the horrific murder of a classmate’s mother’s boyfriend and subsequent chaos. He also experiences fear of losing his grandfather/mentor from a heart attack.   There is reason to hope and God’s love is unconditional…meaning there are NO conditions!

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God is For Us

C. Baxter Kruger

"That God should be 'for us' will be a remarkable and transforming discovery for those who have grown weary under the whiplash of a theology that drives us to 'do something for God!' I wish that overburdened pastors could read this book before ever preaching another sermon and uninspired Christians could inhale its fragrance before going to church!" --Ray S. Anderson Professor of Theology and Ministry, Fuller Theological Seminary

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Godly Men Make Godly Fathers

Doug Lauffer, Eduardo Quintana, Mark Pudlowski, Clarke Lauffer, Dave Lacine, Brian P. Swift, Brian Panichelle, Paul Gray, William Fawcett Jr., Dr. Ed Kropf, Paul Dimtroff, Trevor N. Olsen, Ron Razete, Darcy Hawk, John Guest (Foreword)

A collection of fathers from across the globe sharing and implementing lessons learned through their Christian faith to encourage fathers, children, and families. In this book, several men share their Christian stewardship and values in hopes of spreading the message of love, joy, and family that transcends religion, culture, and generation. GODLY MEN MAKE GODLY FATHERS has been in the making for decades and its powerful message will impact and change you.

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God’s Astounding Opinion of You

Ralph Harris

Many people would be surprised to learn that God’s view of them is much greater than their own. Ralph Harris, founder and President of LifeCourse Ministries, leads readers to experience a deeply satisfying, joyful relationship with Christ as they embrace what God thinks of them—that they are holy, righteous, blameless, and lovable.

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Grace Is...

Paul Gray

In ‘Grace Is…’ Gray employs succinct one-page-a-day nuggets about the Positive Joy experienced by those who ‘Dance with God’ as they go through life’s ups and downs.‘Grace Is…’ explains Jesus’ teaching and how for the first 300 years after Jesus’ death, the church believed in the Eternal Conscious Love of God before subsequently being taught by Religion to fear Eternal Conscious Torment from an ‘angry god’ who is the figment of the imagination of people who are misguided and misinformed. See for yourself what “Grace Is…”

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Grace Walk: What You've Always Wanted in the Christian Life

Steve McVey

Living the grace walk gets Christians off this religious roller coaster. Using his own journey from legalism into grace, Steve McVey illustrates the foundational, biblical truths of who believers are in Jesus Christ and how they can let Him live His life through them each day.As they experience their identity in Jesus Christ, Christians will come to know "Amazing Grace" as not just a song but as their true way of life.

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Parable of the Dancing God

C. Baxter Kruger

In this brief and easy-to-read IVP booklet, C. Baxter Kruger vividly retells the parable of the prodigal son (including the full text of Luke 15:1-32). His fresh interpretation focuses not on the prodigal son, but on the character of the father as it is revealed through his interaction with his two very different sons.

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Saints in the Arms of a Happy God

Jeff Turner

Could it be that the angry, moral monster who masquerades as the Abba of Jesus is just a projection of human angst and fear onto a God who is passionately and eternally in love with the human race? Could it be that He has never been anything but on our side and working for our betterment? Is it possible that He did not need to be convinced, through bloody sacrifice or otherwise, that we were worthy of His attention and fellowship? Is it possible that our sins never truly separated us from Him, but simply caused us to run and separate ourselves from the One Who was only ever running towards us in compassion and love? Could it be that God has far better things to say to humanity than “turn or burn”? Could it be that He is not a God Who includes some while excluding others? Could it be that He loves all equally, and that He does not divide the human race up into categories of “us” and “them”? Could it be that God actually looks like...Jesus? 

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The Fish Net Experience

Paul Gray

Our pastor, Paul Gray, has recently written a biographical novel about his spiritual transformation from a jazz musician to a pastor.

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The Mirror Bible

Francois Du Toit

People who have stopped reading the Bible or never even read it before say about The Mirror, "I have never read anything that touched me so deeply, it is a brand new Bible, I cannot wait to give it to all my friends!" The Mirror Bible is a paraphrase from the original Greek text. 

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The Shack

William Paul Young

Mackenzie Allen Philips' youngest daughter, Missy, has been abducted during a family vacation and evidence that she may have been brutally murdered is found in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness. Four years later in the midst of his Great Sadness, Mack receives a suspicious note, apparently from God, inviting him back to that shack for a weekend. Against his better judgment he arrives at the shack on a wintry afternoon and walks back into his darkest nightmare. What he finds there will change Mack's world forever. 

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The Shack Revisited: There Is More Going On Here than You Ever Dared to Dream

C. Baxter Kruger, PhD

Millions have found their spiritual hunger satisfied by William P. Young's #1 New York Times bestseller, The Shack--the story of a man lifted from the depths of despair through his life-altering encounter with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Now C. Baxter Kruger's THE SHACK REVISITED guides readers into a deeper understanding of these three persons to help readers have a more profound connection with the core message of The Shack--that God is love.

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Unlock Your Bible

Steve McVey

This Book Will Teach You To Understand Your Bible! "Unlock Your Bible" offers simple help, so that the average woman sitting at home with her Bible on her lap can better make sense of what she is reading. The man who wants to be consistent in Bible reading can avoid confusion about the meaning of verses by using the key that is presented in this book. You will be able to to unlock YOUR Bible, and know how to understand it and apply its Truth to your life.

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