Sunday Worship

Casual gathering in the theater at Pioneer Ridge Independent Living with band and followby encouraging teaching with an emphasis on God’s love, grace and Jesus’ finished work at the Cross.

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Live Stream Sundays

We have decided to honor the President's direction and not host any meetings of 10 or more people. so at least for the next couple of Sundays, We'll do a live stream at 11 on Sunday mornings on the Oneness In Action page on Facebook. The live stream will have our worship team & Paul's teaching/discussion. We'll have words to the songs on the screen & those in the worship team will be able to participate in the discussion in person.

We're asking that everyone else watch with us live at home...or watch the replay at your convenience.

I'm so sad to have to do that because I love being with you all -- and there's something special that happens when we're together as a group. But I do realize it's the best for now.

Since all Lawrence restaurants & bars are closed to dining in, we will not be able to meet Sunday evenings until that ban is lifted.

Thanks SOOO much to those of you who gave electronically last Sunday even though you weren't  able to attend our Grace Gathering! Even though we no longer have a church building, we still have monthly expenses for insurance, bookkeeping, copier & computers, admin, supplies, licenses (copyright, live streaming, Podcast/video/website, social media special platforms), and Pastor Paul's compensation. Any giving is to be Spirit-led and with no other pressure. We're very grateful for the continual support the Lord provides through you all and so thankful for electronic giving especially in times where we can't all meet in person.

You can text 310-651-7131 to give or donate via paypal.

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Recommended Books

The following books are highly recommended. You can find them online or at our church library.
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Small Groups

Grace with Gray

Each Wednesday from 12:30 until 2:00 p.m. Pastor Paul Gray facilitates an informal discussion of the many facets of God’s Grace, His unconditional love, and the finished work of Jesus at the cross. This group meets at different homes. Please call Paul at 785-766-3624 for information about where the group will meet and the current topic.

Call about Grace with Gray

Growing in Grace Group

Each Sunday our “Growing in Grace” informal small group studies a different book about God’s Grace, His unconditional love, and the finished work of Jesus at the cross. This group meets from 6 to 7:30 p.m..

Growing in Grace Group

Supper Sisters

This women’s small group meets Tuesday nights at 6pm for supper at a different home each week.

Supper Sisters

Children's Ministry

Every Sunday during the service our group of experienced teachers help the children learn about God’s Grace through hearing about and discussing the traditional Bible stories. 

Children's Ministry

About New Life In Christ

Have you ever looked at your own beliefs and felt like something just didn’t add up? Have you ever felt 90% good about what you were hearing, but for all your attempts to believe, simply couldn’t find peace with the entire thing? Have you ever felt like your church’s priorities were all wrong or that Christians shouldn’t lead such dysfunctional lives?

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