About Us

Have you ever looked at your own beliefs and felt like something just didn’t add up? Have you ever felt 90% good about what you were hearing, but for all your attempts to believe, simply couldn’t find peace with the entire thing? Have you ever felt like your church’s priorities were all wrong or that Christians shouldn’t lead such dysfunctional lives?

Welcome to New Life In Christ Church!

We’re a community of Jesus-followers who, at some point or other, realized we had been lied to about God.

It probably wasn’t an intentional lie, but the reality is that when people embrace something as “true”, they tend to filter out information that disagrees with their belief and then impart that belief to those around them.

In our pursuit of God, as we studied Scripture, investigated the teachings of early Church fathers, compared notes on modern theologians, and analyzed Church history, we discovered that man’s view of God has never stopped changing. You might even say it is constantly evolving.

But that’s not what we tend to hear from the church pulpit. Our Western style of Christianity tends to come with a “do not question” sticker attached. Most Christians think of faith as being “blind belief in my interpretation of the Bible” rather than “the evidence of things unseen”.

The reality is that you’ve probably spent your entire life being fed an absolute narrative about God.

  • You’ve been told God is _____ because Bible Verse _:__ says so.
  • You’ve been told this is the only correct way of thinking.
  • You’ve been told this is always what has been considered true.
  • You’ve been told opposing ideas are just humanistic attempts to reinvent God in man’s image.
  • You’ve been told that being a Christian is about believing things that don’t make any sense, because God’s ways are higher.
  • You’ve been told that the world is getting more evil in preparation for Christ’s return and Christians’ escape.
  • You’ve been told.

Through the many years you’ve spent being told, you may have never considered or even heard of a few startling realities.

  • The Hebrew language has only 8,700 words (just 1% of total English words as recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary). The result is that every word in Biblical Hebrew contains multiple meanings and can be interpreted in multiple ways.
  • Church leaders have debated and disagreed since the New Testament. Paul and Peter disagreed about the application of circumcision for born-again Gentiles, and the trend of theological disagreement within the Church has never taken a hiatus.
  • The eschatology you’ve probably been taught, if you come from a Protestant background, was only developed within the last 100 years.
  • Much of modern theology is derived from the philosophical ideas of Greek Gnosticism, applied to Christian doctrine via St. Augustine. Many of the things you believe to be core pillars of faith can be traced back to Augustine and were not embraced by Church leaders beforehand.
  • Many of Western Christendom’s stances on economics and politics have nothing to do with Jesus.
  • By all relevant metrics, the world has been gradually becoming a better place to live. Driven by “humanistic” ideas, poverty rates decrease every year, child mortality has dramatically decreased worldwide, and the world is living at a higher standard of living, on average, than ever before.

Why are we telling you this?

Because the reality of God and life is much less defined than any of us have been taught, and the more you learn, the more you understand how little you know.

Some will bury their heads and continue to subscribe to their narratives.

But for those who truly believe Jesus is “The Truth”, we know that pursuing truth can only bring us closer to Him.

We know that God is love and God loves everyone. We know that Jesus Christ…God in person, is exactly like God the Father…and they are all good!

That’s the entire point of New Life In Christ Church. We believe it’s time to set Jesus free from the shackles of absolute narratives. Our goal is to break apart longstanding lies about God, so we can find Truth in the rubble.

We are discovering “Fake News” in what many of us have been taught in the Christian church…lies about God’s nature and character; lies about “those” people whom God “can’t” love; lies about “hell.”

In a nutshell, we’ve come to learn that anything we read or hear about God that contradicts Jesus’s unconditional love, grace, peace, acceptance, inclusion and forgiveness of ALL people ALREADY…is Fake News!”

We’re seeing every day that in fact, God is better than we thought yesterday!  

Join Us On The Journey!