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Imagine being sick and having no health insurance and no money to go anywhere for treatment. Things were tough enough, and now you're worried about being forced to go to the emergency room and racking up another bill you won't be able to pay. The only other options you know of are booked out for months. You feel hope slipping away...


This is a very real scenario played out every day in our community. Approximately 18% of the adults in Douglas County (more than 17,000 people) have no health insurance. And many either have no job or work at low-paying jobs that leave them living under the poverty level.

When things are already this tough, getting sick or injured and having nowhere to go for treatment can be the final straw. At New Hope Medical Ministry, we strive to restore hope for people in the form of good medical care and spiritual counseling for all areas of life. Our clinic is open every Wednesday from 9 am to noon and 2 to 5 pm. We have a medical staff of volunteers who provide caring medical treatment in a Christian family practice setting, led by our Medical Director, Dr. Dennis Sale. Our trained counselors are available to anyone with a need, at no charge.

Even with this wonderful staff of volunteers, we have very real expenses, such as medicines, supplies, labs, minimal administration, and insurance. These costs add up to close to $4,000 per month. While we do ask patients for a $25 donation to help cover a little of those expenses, many of those who seek treatment at New Hope are unable to pay anything at all, and others only a little...



For just $25 per month (84 cents a day), you can give NEW HOPE to real people in need right here in our community, making it possible for them to get the medical treatment they need and the spiritual counseling they're seeking as well.

The New Hope Medical Ministry has partnered with local author Jody White to establish the "Brandon White Give Hope" program. Brandon is Jody's late husband, and was a pastor at Heartland Community Church. Not only was Jody our first donor to sponsor one year's worth of visits for a patient ($300 total, or $25 per month), she has agreed to donate a portion of the sales of her new book, "Scarlet White," to New Hope Medical Ministry. If you donate $300, we'll send you an autographed copy of "Scarlet White." Or you can meet Jody in person and purchase a signed copy of her book at a pre-release book signing on December 5. Click here for more information about "Scarlet White" and the book signing event.

We hope you'll consider providing New Hope for someone in need by committing to just $25 per month for the next year, or $300 in a one-time donation if you prefer. Just click on the Donate link to start providing New Hope for someone today! For more information about donating, Please call (785)832-1845. To read about some of the patients New Hope has been able to help so far, click here.

To set up an appointment:

To make an appointment to see Dr. Sale, please call (785)312-0938. For those seeking counseling only, please dial (785)832-1845, or simply "walk in" to the clinic Wednesdays 9-noon and 2-5.



We would like to thank you for your donation.
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